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2016-17 Basketball Post Season Bulletin

2016-17 Basketball Bulletin I

2016-17 Basketball Preseason Bulletin

2015-16 Basketball Post Season Bulletin

2015-16 Basketball Bulletin I

2015-16 Basketball Preseason Bulletin

2014-15 Basketball Bulletin III

2014-15 Basketball Bulletin II  

2014-15 Basketball Bulletin I

2014-15 Basketball Preseason Bulletin

2013-14 Basketball Bulletin II

2013-14 Basketball Bulletin I

2013-14 Basketball Preseason Bulletin


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2017-18 Officials Bulletin I - New

PIAA Officials’ Manual

2016-17 Officials Bulletin I

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PIAA District 1 Official's Forms

Official's District Playoff Registration Form



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PIAA Basketball Presentation PDF

PIAA Basketball Presentation PPT

Basketball Chapter Meeting Guide

Basketball Evaluation Form

Three Person Mechanics

Instructions/Duties for Basketball Scorers/Timers

Basketball Recommended Tableside Communication  

Game Management Techniques for People that Express Anger

Key Companents of Officiating Excellence


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